• Robert Sofia

    I build marketing programs that help financial companies grow. What am I working on right now?

    I created this website to answer that question.

  • I prepared a video message for you.

    It's only 03:09 long.

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  • I'm focused on solving complex marketing problems.

    Most FA marketing strategies are behind the times.

    I want to change that by helping advisors:

    ATTRACT more leads and referrals -- automatically.

    NURTURE leads effectively in order to build trust.

    CONVERT more warm leads into appointments.

    AUTOMATE all their marketing so it's running 24/7.

    MEASURE the ROI of every marketing dollar they spend.

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  • I love to inspire audiences and give interviews to great reporters.


    “Mr. Sofia… could go up against any reality TV host in terms of charisma and personality.”

    Frederick P. Gabriel, Editor, Investment News


    "Robert Sofia is the Tony Robbins of the financial industry.”

    Brian McLaughlin, Redtail Technology


    "Listening to him will leave you feeling empowered and motivated, whether it be in a conference room filled with hundreds of people or one-on-one.”
    Sheena Hanson, CFP®, Financial Advisor


    "Robert is a highly educated consulting source for the financial industry.”
    Corey Westphal, President, MobileAssistant


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